What Celebs Have Said About Reinventing Rosalee :

“She is an inspiration and a testament to the human spirit. All my best.”

Kirk Douglas

“I am very excited for you! Congrats on your premiere! I send my love & full support towards your film!”

Dolly Parton

“Congratulations on the film. I wish only the best for Rosalee!”

Betty White

“This is a warm and wonderful film and an important documentary about a fabulous woman.  I enjoyed watching her life in various situations that ordinary humans would not survive.  Her strength is to be admired.  She is fearless and one has to love her for that “take no prisoners” attitude. Nothing stood in her way.”

Arnold Kopelson, Academy Award Winning Film Producer

“Congratulations on your film Marlee Matlin and I Jack Jason ( Marlee’s interpreter)  both hold you in such high regard and as a vital part of Marlee’s journey through Hollywood, giving her the confidence to overcome the naysayers who said she would never make it, simply because she was deaf and “didn’t speak.” You helped Marlee show them otherwise and  how she soared! Thank you forever for what you did!
Much love,

Marlee Matlin and Jack Jason
“I just had to write to you after watching the trailer. It grabbed me from he first shots of Warsaw burning and kept me smiling and teary-eyed throughout. That’s a lot to accomplish in 2 minutes. Rosalee is a real treasure. I really want to see this entire story and look forward to its’ release. Thank you for this gift.”
Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer

“Truly inspirational. With all she’s been through what an incredible spirit.”

Rob Reiner

Reinventing Rosalee Rosalee shows us dont give up on life and dont give up on you. She went through  the war and losing children and all the carnage and still she says life is good. WOW!

Ben Vereen

“A wonderful film I will never forget. Thank you.”

Edward Lozzi

“I loved loved loved REINVENTING ROSALIE. your mother is so courageous. what a brilliant film going experience. and your love for your mom and hers for you was MAGNIFICENT. Thank you for introducing the world to your mom. She’s a miracle of love and joy and strength and courage and humility.  Love you and respect you and your mom SO MUCH.”

Sally Kirkland

“I absolutely loved the film. It was beautiful and moving.”

Tyne Daly

I loved loved loved the film. It was a beautiful tribute to the magnificent Rosalee.

Gary Busey

“The warm and ebullient Rosalee is a lovely, irresistible force who’s wonderful to spend time with.”

Los Angeles Times

“She’s a study in fortitude. Now 102, Rosalee continues to be a lively woman to listen to”

The New York Times

“There’s no question that 102-year-old Holocaust survivor Rosalee Glass is an extraordinary, inspiring woman worthy of a cinematic close-up”

Los Angeles Times

Reinventing Rosalee is one of those films that leaves you grateful, humbled, and happy you took the time to hear such an incredible story.”

The Radcliff Reviews

“It was such a moving film!”

Hilary Helstein

“Lillian Glass did a magnificent job bringing her mother’s story to the screen. Her pride and respect for such a remarkable woman are evident in the story told. “

Adam Stone

Stone Management

“Lillian gives a true documentarian-style work that gives a fresh eye and look to the story.”

The Radcliff Reviews

“Her Strength Is To Be Admired”

Arnold Kopelson

Academy Award Film Producer

“This documentary made me examine my own life”

D. Vincent Sulllivan

Former FBI Agent

“You will end up falling in love with Rosalee.”

Steve Yeaman

“Watching the trailer has motivated me, and NOT just motived, it has given me permission to begin my life at my age without feeling like it’s too late. It’s given me permission to trust my own decisions and not worry concerning others’ opinions of “timing OR age” being a reason NOT to do something.”

A. Hall

” So many people feel that they hit a certain age and it is too late to go after your dreams. Reinventing Rosalee is going to blow that myth sky high. Rosalee made me realize that I am not too old to go after my dreams. Rosalee really got me to realize that I can’t waste my life. I can do ANYTHING when I put my mind to it. I am not going to let the soul sucking people in my life take one more minute of my time. I am at the front row of Reinventing Rosalee. By the way, Rosalee raised a damn fine daughter Dr. Glass.”

Tricia Arrington Griffith


” Rosalee has endured so much. She’s a shining example of a loving, resilient, forgiving woman. She’s been knocked down but keeps getting up and fighting. Rosalee is seemed genuine, kind, spunky and full of life.”

Robin and SK Davis

You have given us a gift, Lillian Glass, by sharing your story and directing a film a meaningful, educational, inspirational documentary.
-Faith Messer Fuerst

Very moving and extremely impressive. -Tamara Hayes

I know my various trials and challenging times will never be anywhere near what she endured. I pray to have a measure of her strength, grace and courage.
– Susan Cutter

The film was so awe-inspiring – beyond belief. Your mother is a beautiful woman. And you are a fantastic daughter. The film is a true love story of a daughter for her mother.
– Sandra Mar

This is an extraordinary movie. Your mother is a role model. After all she’s been through, she’s still smiling. Bless her soul. And you! There is no end to your gifts. I knew you were a great writer, but as a filmmaker, all I can say is WOW. While watching “Reinventing Rosalee” I felt you transported me right through time and space to the point where I was feeling all the range of emotions, the depths of despair and the joy at Rosalee’s Reinvention. I believe this film should be a requirement for every high school student and I hope you get an Oscar.
– Dawn Dittmar

You sure are touching a lot of lives by sharing yours with us Ms. Rosalee! Thank you once again for sharing your life story. You and your Lillian could have kept your lives a little more private but instead chose to help humanity in a way only you could by telling your story. The life you have lived…no one could tell it but you. Your greatest gift to the world is one money can’t buy. Your story is one that needs to be passed on to future generations. Your story needs to be repeated, discussed, kept alive.
– Pamela Anderson

Go see it!!! It is a masterpiece of love conquers all; and how it’s never too late to start again. Everyone loved it and was very moved. Go get um Glass girls! XO
-Adele Langdon

Lillian, what you did to capture a pillar for humanity. It is my wish that younger adults would see it and not take life as it is for granted.
-Racheli Refael Smilovits

Yes!! I was inspired after watching the story of her incredible life. “It is never too late to start living your dreams”!
-Maral Kazazian

Just finished watching your moms film here at the Branson International Film Festival. What a powerful film. God bless you for what you have done for your mother through this film.
-‎Isaac Hernandez‎

You deserve all of the amazing reviews and awards you are getting. Wonder women!
-Victoria Adams

-Aimee Aviva Zeltzer

This is so from the heart inspirational. I get goosebumps whenever I watch the videos, Wishing you both love, peace and many more years of inspiring!
-Janet Palazzotto

You are both super stars! Thank you for sharing your story with the world and showing up always in style. Stunning ladies, so proud of you.
-Victoria Adams

Excellent job on your directorial debut! Entertaining all the way thru! Brilliant!
-Mark Alexander Herz

Words are hard to describe how moving this film was. From beginning to end the journey, the sadness, the love. It was perfection and seamless. Its like God had prepared you to do this story all along. Mostly I come away with the love it really does conquer all. As I left the theater I told my husband my feet hurt from my heels. He said you know what Rosalee says happy feet happy life….LOL I am buying her book! XO
-Adele Langdon

Such an inspiration. You are both my heroines:)
-Marissa Oates

– Shirley Lipner

Lillian, your Mom is my Shero!! I’m waiting to see what she does next
-Erlene B Wilson

Just wanted to thank you for the movie you made about the life force and the joy that is your mom. Saw it tonight at the Music Hall.
I cried and laughed and kvelled. You did a beautiful job of describing what unconditional love looks like between a mom and a daughter, and what is possible in this complicated world.I hope the film continues to inspire thousands of people for many years to come. be well,
-Len Felder

I must say your film will be indelibly etched in my heart and mind. I cried. I laughed – it reminded me of the days with my grandmother Rose. Her town was destroyed – Galicia – a hamlet called Tarnopol. If only she had been able to have the closure -Your mother is a treasure. It was a feast – for my Jewish soul – thank you with all my heart. Xoxo
-Barbara Lawrence

Dear Lilian and mom, I the film brought a tear to my eye . P The film is an inspiration .i always tell people that you are Great , I am your Biggest fan.
-Jack Stupp

it is because of ReinventinG Rosalee that… i drove to florida right after watching the documentary to surprise my mom on mothers day
-James Virtushka

“Reinventing Rosalee”- a great story of her fight to live and survive in Polish, Russian Nazi concentration camps and how she persevered in life since then. A very inspirational story of positivity.
– Ferdie James Pacheco

We just finished watching “Reinventing Rosalee” at the Branson International Film Festival. WOW! Just wow! She and her daughter are such an inspiration to us all. I thank her for sharing her story.
-Peggy Reyes

We can’t get enough of this film. It warms my heart makes me laugh and makes me cry. The mother-daughter relationship between Rosalee and Lillian is beautiful. I can’t say enough how much I admire Rosalee.
-Cecelia and Joseph Hernandez

Review: Reinventing Rosalee

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Written by Aaron Radcliff:

In the world of movies, finding one meant to inspire you can be as easy as making Instant Rice. The dime-a-dozen routine is played out and only manages to stand out in incredible instances. But that’s fiction. It’s easy to fabricate a feel-good story that feels disingenuous. Reality is a much different animal, and the tale of Rosalee Glass manages to toe the line of reality being stranger than fiction while also being a genuine, uplifting one.

Reinventing Rosalee tells the life story of the titular Rosalee. We are given a deeply personal look at her life and struggles with interviews, family photos, and meticulously used archival footage that gets the viewer in the right mindset. The story begins with Rosalee’s life under Nazi rule in Warsaw before escaping to Russia and spending years in a Soviet prison camp. Throughout the years, struggles with her husband’s illnesses, the loss of her children, and many more life-altering events take their toll. This alone would have already been an interesting story as we hear about all the insane twists and turns of her life and how she managed to get through it, but it doesn’t stop there. We soon follow Rosalee as her daughter, Lillian, helps her achieve her dreams from traveling the world to mushing sled dogs at 100 years old.

Lillian Glass, who also directed, gives a unique look into the storybook life of her mother. She manages to craft an engaging narrative without making things feel too played out. Being the daughter of the film’s star, it would’ve been easy to give a very one-sided look at Rosalee, but Lillian instead gives a true documentarian-style work that gives a fresh eye and look to the story. She also manages to insert just enough personal experience and knowledge to give some additional heart.

Via myCinema

I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting some of what I saw in this movie, but mother and daughter really manage to hit the emotional core at points. Sometimes it’s stock footage to help illustrate Rosalee’s story or a few well-placed quotes. There’s even one sequence where Rosalee and Lillian return to Warsaw which was absolutely devastating and hit harder than I thought it would. But it’s through these tough, emotional moments that allow the documentary’s second half to really shine without feeling too saccharine.

Throughout the movie, we’ve seen Rosalee fight through adversity and overcome, but it’s in the second half where she changes from broken to a whole new, stronger person. This phoenix from the ashes moment is the catharsis that Rosalee, Lillian, and the audience had been building toward. As such, it makes Rosalee achieving her dreams that much happier and the overall message of striving to live those dreams all the more relatable and acceptable.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not terribly invested in documentaries, and those that I do enjoy tend to be about nature and war. I say that because I really enjoyed Reinventing Rosalee. I’m not sure what I was anticipating going into my viewing, but I do know that it blew any expectations out of the water, and its various film festival wins are a testament to that. Whether documentaries are your cup of tea or not, Reinventing Rosalee is one of those films that leaves you grateful, humbled, and happy you took the time to hear such an incredible story.

Score: 8 out of 10

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