Advice Giving Service

No one is better equipped to give you her personal advice online than someone who has had 10 decades of life’s experience. Whether you have a relationship concern, problem with a family member, a negative situation at work, or any personal issue, Rosalee is here to help you as she weighs in with her personal opinion. While she won’t be performing psychotherapy, her perspective may be exactly what you need to give you another of eyes to look at your problem from another point of view. Just let her know what’s bothering you via email and in return, she will email you her opinion and what she thinks you need to do to help solve your issue.

Find out what a well experienced 100 year old’s personal perspective is concerning any of your problems. Whether it involves difficulty in your marriage or relationship, an issue with a family member, or a work related concern such as difficulty with a boss, employee, or co-worker, Rosalee is here for you.


1. Fill out your information on the form ➨
2. Affirm Disclaimer
3. Make your $125 payment via Visa, MasterCard or Paypal
4. After Submission, I will confirm by email that I received everything and when to expect the analysis results. (usually within 24hrs, depending on my schedule…So please be patient)


“I had a serious problem several years back and Rosalees advice was invaluable. It really made a huge difference in my life”

J.E Sharman

“Rosalee gave me advice about men and I worked”

Bessie H.

“She helped me with a bed relationship and I am grateful”

D. Morrison